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TechCollect’s responsible recycling standards highlighted in survey

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Results of the 2019 collection partner survey are in and we’d like to thank those who participated.

The 2019 survey set out to provide current collection partners an opportunity to have their say on issues relating to governance, services provided, logistics, safety and reporting within the e-waste collection channel.

ANZRP is proud to represent a significant portion of the Australian IT and electronics sector in the collection and processing of e-waste responsibly. In doing so, it is our commitment to ensure our trusted and dependable collection partner channel is given the ability to provide feedback on its dealings with ANZRP, and provide recommendations on ways the service can be further enhanced.

The 2019 survey was designed to give the ANZRP board and executive an overview of the current perspectives of our collection partners and aims to provide the organisation with an insight into areas of improvement.

Collection partner survey highlights included:

  • 100% of collection partners are either satisfied or very satisfied with TechCollect’s responsible recycling standards and approach
  • >96% of collection partners are very satisfied or satisfied with how easy it is to deal with staff
  • >85% of collection partners are either very satisfied or satisfied with the service’s reliability
  • Feedback was provided by 43% of all partners surveyed

Opportunities for improvement:

Our collection partners provided some very constructive input to help us enhance dealings with our service. Predominately centred on reporting insights and education, the key points raised were:

  • Providing more educational materials to schools and general information to the public, as these are the two greatest sources of interest and enquiries
  • Updated signage for collection sites as some signs are old
  • Improved collection data provided to partners – provide insight into percentage of materials, volumes of overall program collection

In the coming months, it is our intention to work with our operations team and channel partners to investigate these comments and ensure appropriate steps are taken to address our channel partner concerns.

The executive and Board of ANZRP are pleased with the responses in the survey and the messages contained within the survey results.

At a macro level the results indicate we understand our collection partner needs, and are providing the framework of an e-waste service they want. The survey also indicates we are prepared to make changes where necessary to the betterment of the partner relationships we have nurtured for many years.

We thank you for your participation, and look forward to running the survey again in 2020.