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Safety Update

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Safe packing and loading practices

ANZRP is committed to working with its partners to ensure safe work practices and compliance with requirements.

Following the new Chain of Responsibility (COR) rules under Heavy Vehicle National Law, we recently published our packing and loading requirements for collection sites, which you will be required to check that you have read and comply with before making a collection unit pick-up request. We ask that you please read these carefully and train any staff members required to pack or load e-waste for collections. Please note that there are extra requirements for pallets and stillages (these extra requirements do not apply to shipping containers or skips).

In order to ensure compliance with Dangerous Goods legislation for the transport of batteries, the collection unit pick-up request form now requires you to advise whether your e-waste load/collection unit contains ‘loose’ lithium batteries (including laptop batteries) not contained within equipment. If you select ‘yes’, we will contact you to obtain further information and determine what paperwork we need to complete and what compliance actions we need to take during transport. For information, an article about the hazards and best practice management of lithium ion batteries was recently published in Resource Recycling.

Yearly audits

ANZRP conducts desktop and site audits of our TechCollect collection sites yearly, as a legal requirement under the NTCRS. Some sites will have received a health, safety and environment (HSE) questionnaire which you will be required to answer and return to us with supporting photo evidence by 10 May 2019.

We thank you for your cooperation through this process and for assisting us in ensuring safe work practices throughout our supply chain.

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