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Collection Partner Spotlight: Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre

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Janene Murdoch, TechCollect Program Manager


A culture of great service and a close connection with the community is the key to the successful operation of Kimbriki Resource Recovery Centre, as our recent visit last month showed.

CEO Warren Overton and myself had the opportunity to observe the well-oiled machine and see how things are done at one of the biggest sites in the Northern Beaches NSW region.

Kimbriki has a robust system in place for managing the massive amounts of waste coming in. They divert 80% of incoming waste from landfill by separating for recycling and reuse, and ask their community to rethink and reduce through education and engagement, which has significantly lowered the amount of waste landfilled since 1990 when they began their resource recovery program. Their Buy Back Centre and educational area are loved by the community and are also central to achieving their material recovery rates and mitigating contamination.

A site as busy and as large as Kimbriki requires a very refined process, and e-waste collections are no exception. Stillages are double stacked onto the truck

to maximise freight, a credit to Kimbriki’s skilled forklift drivers, navigating not an easy task. Staff are also exceptional at separating out-of-scope items from NTCRS material which is hugely helpful to us and paramount to the efficient running of the TechCollect program.

We’re very grateful for the work Kimbriki do and are proud to partner with an exceptional provider of waste management services.

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