E-Waste Recycling in 5 Easy Steps

1. Package your old computer and/or accessories in a mail bag or box
2. Provide us with your details on the form below
3. Make a flat rate payment of $14.95 (including GST)
4. Print out shipping label and securely fix to your parcel

Take it to your nearest Australia Post mail box, or to one of Australia Post’s 4,379 Post Offices.

One simple flat rate fee ($14.95) covers all e-waste up to (and including) 22 kilograms.


Trackable – Responsible – Convenient

As one of the most trusted and well respected brands, ANZRP – TechCollect has partnered with Australia Post to take the headache out of recycling your unwanted or end of life e-waste.

We’ve done this by providing you with all the shipping and logistics though our exciting new online e-waste shipping service TechCollect Express.

Utilising Australia Post’s national delivery service, your parcel will be sent to our centralised TechCollect recycling partner for processing.

By utilising a trusted network such as Australia Post to facilitate the logistics leading to the collection and destruction of your old e-waste, ANZRP has taken the risk and headache out of recycling unwanted e-waste.

Through TechCollect-EXPRESS, you now have the ability to use Australia Post’s extensive network of 4,379 Post Offices, or self-manage via the web portal and take the items to your nearest post office box. With more 16,039 across Australia, that shouldn’t be too hard!

One simple flat rate fee ($14.95) covers all e-waste up to (and including) 22kilograms.

What we take:

  • Laptop computers
  • Mice
  • Power Supplies
  • Cables
  • Keyboards
  • Desktop computers
  • Laptop and computer batteries (please leave in place inside device)
  • Modems
  • Mobile Phones
  • USBs and related storage devices

What we don’t take:

  • Monitors
  • Televisions
  • Electronic items and devices NOT listed above


If you require more information or assistance about what you can send for recycling, please email us HERE.


Australia Post has the capacity to accept parcels up to 22kg.


Through the online transaction facility, customers will pay for the service selected, and print out a shipping label and/or a QR code to affix it to their e-waste parcel.  They will have the option to present their parcel to an Australia Post Office for shipping, or deposit it directly into a post office box. Should packaging the items be an issue, people can purchase the required packaging (envelope, bag or box) from their local Australia Post Office.