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ANZRP and Shred-X launch tailored business e-waste service

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ANZRP has partnered with Shred-X to provide Australian businesses with a simple to use e-waste collection and recycling service.

Driven by the knowledge that e-waste is the fastest-growing component of the solid waste stream, organisations will have access to an extensive national footprint offering a simple ‘one-stop-shop’ e-waste collection and recycling solution.

Annually, 50 million tonnes of e-waste is generated around the world, with 700,000 tonnes of this arising from Australia. In a recent report by the United Nations University, it was estimated that global e-waste will more than double by 2050 to reach approximately 111 million tonnes per year.

A UN and World Economic Forum report also predicted that by 2020, the number of devices connected to the Internet is expected to reach between 25 and 50 billion.

This of course does not include electrical items such as toasters and hairdryers, though as the Internet of Things (IoT) takes rise, such items will become Internet-enabled.

In addition, items that never encompassed an electronic aspect before such as clothes and furniture, will increasingly have complex gadgets inserted, making the recycling process ever more complicated and begging for smart, innovative and circular systems and supply chains.

To prevent e-waste from going to landfill, ANZRP and Shred-X’s e-waste collection service will provide participating businesses with a 240 litre or 660 litre container that can be filled and picked up to have its contents appropriately recycled.

Based on a fee for service model that covers transportation, recycling and container hire, the service makes it easy for businesses wanting to be environmentally responsible by providing a single touch point to facilitate their recycling needs.

Businesses will have the option to rent a container on an ongoing basis and request collections when full, or book a one-off collection.

ANZRP expects the service will be particularly popular in Victoria where a state-wide ban on e-waste to landfill was imposed in July this year, meaning businesses and households can no longer dispose of e-waste in general waste.

Shred-X’s extensive footprint across the country and established logistical capabilities will allow for a smooth and simple pickup service at an affordable cost to business.

The service is backed by ANZRP’s trusted standards based systems – its Quality, Safety and Environment Management System is certified to ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and AS/NZS 4801:2001, ensuring the safeguard of workers, communities and the environment and providing businesses with peace of mind.

Since inception in 2012, ANZRP has collected and recycled over 160,000 tonnes of e-waste through its dedicated program TechCollect. From an energy usage perspective, this has saved more than 2.7 million Gigajoules of energy, equivalent to the annual energy consumption of 19,000 Australian homes. The carbon emissions avoided equate to planting more than 2.8 million trees.

An effective business-focussed recycling service can encourage organisations large and small to incorporate electronic recycling into their sustainability strategy and stay ahead of changing consumer attitudes and demands.

The service is currently available in the Melbourne and Sydney metro regions and will be available across the country next year.

To find out more go to www.shred-x.com.au/techcollect-business, or to register your interest call 1300 734 511 or email techcollect@shred-x.com.au.